Mixing at Home

It may have taken the Camarenas six generations to perfect the art of agave growing, and roughly seventy five years to figure out how to make some of the finest 100% Blue Agave Tequilas in the world, but by following our simple directions we promise it won’t take you generations of practice to be an excellent bartender for you and your amigos and amigas.

Glassware or a lack thereof can make any bar look ill-equipped and put a serious damper on the fiesta, make sure you think about the basics while building out your home bar. Old standbys the Martini, simple rocks, highballs, maybe snifters and pint glasses for good measure – in appropriate quantities, 4 to 6 – go a long way.

For tools, a jigger, a muddler, a long handled metal stirring spoon, sharp knives, a lighter, a zester/peeler and a small cutting surface are all requirements. There is a true craft to making a good cocktail, and a good craftsman never blames inferior product on having bad tools. A high quality metal shaker with removable top and strainer can make all of the difference. Use it to chill and blend your new concoctions without watering down delicate and impactful ingredients - it also makes you look like kind of big deal.

As for what to mix with – we at Camarena advise you to start with one of our 100% Blue Agave Tequilas and take inspiration from flavors that you like the most, we have a bunch on the site that can help get your creativity flowing.

Six Generations

Discover the family behind the legendary tequila.


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