When it comes to crafting Tequila, we're in no rush. We make our FCA slowly and with exceptional care. We use only 100% pure agave azul from the highlands of Mexico's world-renowned Tequila district, Jalisco.

We let our agave plants mature for nearly a decade, ensuring they develop the elegant flavors that give us our incredibly smooth Tequila. Cool days and nights are a hallmark of the Jalisco highlands. Here, the high-elevation agave fields get less rain than the surrounding lowlands, making the growing season in the highlands much longer and slower. More time translates to more intense flavors in our blue agave.

We take our time in the distillery, too, slow roasting our agave and giving it a lengthy fermentation to preserve its delicate flavors. The result is a refined spirit with the pure, authentic taste of the mythical blue agave plant.


There is no substitute for the pure highlands of Jalisco.

Six Generations

Discover the family behind the legendary tequila.


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