Fine Tequila doesn't happen by chance. It takes passion and dedication. We use traditional methods from field to finish, hand pruning our agave and slow roasting it to get the most fragrant aromas and delicate flavors.

As the blue agave begins to bloom, our highly trained jimadores cut each plant's flowering shoot by hand to redirect the plant's energy toward the central core of the agave, the piña. At harvest, the jimadores remove the plant's spiky leaves by hand, leaving a piña that typically weighs more than 100 pounds.

In the distillery, the piñas are slow roasted in traditional volcanic stone hornos for several days. Temperature control is crucial here, as is the steady hand of our master distiller. The fresh, fragrant character of the agave is extracted, while the more complex flavor elements develop for the final Tequila.

Blue Agave

Highlands agave azul is the soul of Familia Camarena.


Exceptionally soft and smooth on the palette.

Six Generations

Discover the family behind the legendary tequila.